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Best Bass Lures

It's too hard to pick just one best lure, so here are the top 3 best bass lures plus a few other really effective and unique choices. You'll notice the lures are mostly by 'Jackson', that's because their innovative designs are not only unique, but also extremely effective in catching bass, and it's often the attention to detail that can entice a fish into taking the lure.

The Jackson Iga Jig Chatter is one due to its versatility, ease of use, and effectiveness. A combination of both a chatterbait and a spinnerbait, this lure presents really well with a variety of retrieve styles whether its fast, slow, twitched, hopped, slow rolled etc thanks to the constant flash and movement of the chatter and spinner blades.

Another is the Jackson Cyarl Blade 48 (in both floating and sinking models), who's frog-like design fools even the fussiest fish. The floating version actually sits on the surface as a stationary frog would too, furthering its natural look. A handy trick here is switching the rear single out for an assist hook, which significantly decreases drop rate after hookup.

The last is the Jackson Namazemi, a floating cicada lure that perfectly imitates a live one. The rear tow point ensures the soft wings open up right away, and a fast vibrating rod tip creates a rippling effect on the surface just like a cicada. It's also recommended to switch the treble out for an assist hook for a much better landing rate.

Jackson Namazemi Lure with a Bass in the water
Jackson Cyarl Blade 48F Lure with a Bass
Jackson Bottom Magic Lure with a Bass
Jackson Namazemi Lure with a Bass on leaves

Best Bass Rods

Whilst there are many rod options out there for Bass fishing, these are a few good options hitting different price points.

Recommended Models: Daiwa Crossfire 702MLFS 3-6kg Rod | Shimano Sentire Sakana Gen II 682 2-5kg Rod | Daiwa Exceler 702LFS 2-6kg Rod | Shimano Jewel 6102SP 2-5kg Rod | Daiwa Wilderness X Deepstriker 705MLFS 3-6kg Rod | Shimano Raider Travel 6104SP 2-5kg Rod

Best Bass Reels

Bass fishing is a light tackle game that generally requires lots of casting, so you'll want to keep your gear light. A 2500 sized reel is perfect for this, with enough drag power to stop you getting taken into the snags, but light enough to cast all day long with little effort.

Here are a few staple light weight reels that hit different price points.

Best Line For Bass Fishing

This 8-strand braid ticks every box in terms of quality and performance i.e. super thin, super smooth, zero stretch, teflon coated etc. but the biggest benefit is by far the camo colouring. Every 10-20cm the braid changes from a light sandy colour to green and then darker brown continuously so the fish can't get a fix on the line and it blends right into creek/estuary/river environment. 8lb is recommended in the braid (which is thinner than most 8lb braids on the market), and 10lb is recommended in the leader. You want the leader a bit thicker for abrasion resistance in skinny waters.

Other Handy Accessories

The micro assist hooks are a game changer for both catching and landing good bass and come highly recommended. Size 4 or 6 are best for Bass and there's also a starter pack containing three packets plus a set of micro split ring pliers to suit.

The TT HeadlockZ Finesse Jig Heads in 1/16oz size #1 are perfect for the Chinukoro Hog Soft Plastics.

The TT Tackle Sling Bag is a great accessory if your walking the banks of a skinny creek, holds the gear you need and it's light and practical.

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