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Jackson Bottom Magic 55mm Lures

THE most versatile lure we've ever used!

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  • Why The Bottom Magic 55mm Is The One Lure For Every Fisho

    If you could only have ONE lure to catch as many fish as possible in as many different locations AND you didn't want to work too hard at it, our easy choice is the Bottom Magic 55mm Lure. Its small size, fast sink rate and unique action combine to make this lure an irresistible meal, and the best part is how easy they are to use. This little lure has caught a staggering number of species right around the country, everything from trout down south to barra up north and almost everything else in between, it's brilliant to say the least. You can get a 55mm Bottom Magic in any of the three models, but the best all-rounders and most versatile models are the original ones or the newer saltwater ones, their heavier weight is better for a wider range of conditions.

    The Original Bottom Magic 55mm Lure

    These are the original model that came over from Japan, initially designed for use in Japanese trout farms that don't allow barbs on hooks, hence the two barbless single hooks. The weighted chin on the Bottom Magic lure gives the minnow a unique action that replicates a small bottom-feeding fish, so a slow retrieve with small twitches here and there to make the lure hop along the bottom works wonders. These lures are great for throwing around just about anywhere in creeks, estuaries, along break walls, off the beach, around piers, near moored boats and basically any other structure. They're incredibly easy to use and have proven themselves many times over on a crazy amount of different fish species. With a range of light and dark colours, these lures can be used in all water and light conditions.

    We've caught plenty of fish ourselves with these lures without changing the barbless hooks over, so we know they work out of the box. In saying that, they are harder to land because they require constant pressure and when the fish shake their head the hooks can flick out, so upgrading the hooks to either doubles, trebles or assist hooks is recommended for a better landing rate. We've tried almost all combinations of hooks, but the best we've used and now use all the time is having a small assist hook on the middle hook point, and a small treble on the rear hook point. Shinto Pro Micro Assist Hooks in the middle size (size 6) are the perfect fit for assist hooks and once the fish is hooked on the assist there's very little chance of losing it because they can't lever the hook out due to the flexible assist chord, plus they add a bit of flare and attraction with their holographic tinsel and rubber strands. Shinto Pro 1X Strong Treble in size 12 are the perfect small treble for the rear hook point on these, and they're incredibly sticky.

    How To Use The Bottom Magic Lures

    There are plenty of ways to work this lure depending on what you're chasing, but the most effective method and ironically the easiest has been this:

    1. Cast the lure out and let it sink to the bottom
    2. Wind in the slack line and give the lure 1 or 2 small twitches (making it 'hop' about anywhere up to 50cm off the ground)
    3. Slowly wind in the slack line
    4. Repeat the twitching every 1-2 seconds. A slight pause here and there can help with the more timid biters

      This effectively makes the lure look like it's a small bottom-feeding fish that's hopping along the bottom, largely due to the angle they sit at. This technique has proven itself over and over, landing fish like nothing we've seen before, and it's SO EASY.

      When drifting in a boat or kayak we've also found that it can be easier again. By casting behind you (so you're drifting further from the lure as you move), you can do the same small twitch as above without having to reel in, because as you drift the line picks the slack up. A handy tip: keep your bail arm open for an extra long time after you've cast out so that the lure is well and truly away from where your kayak/boat is, it makes a noticeable difference.

      Bottom Magic Saltwater Lures - Click Here

      This model was designed specifically for the Australian market with extra sizes added to the lineup - 55mm, 65mm, 75mm - to suit a wider range of fishing environments. The saltwater version comes pre-rigged with two double hooks so there isn't any need to change the hooks if you don't want to (we still change them for assist hooks with a treble on the back but it's personal preference and you don't need to with these). They also have a very different colour range which again suits Australian fishing conditions better.

      Bottom Magic Light Tune Lures - Click Here

      Released shortly after the standard Bottom Magics, the Bottom Magic Light Tune Lures are simply a lighter and slower sinking version of the standard 55mm lures. Built for shallow estuary environments like trout streams, creeks and flats fishing, they come equipped with barbless singles like the standard model and can be fished for the same sorts of species. Upgrading the hooks is again recommended but not essential.

      Model buoyancy Length Weight hook type Price
      GAL Sinking 55mm 5.3g 2 x #8 Single Hooks $13.00
      YSN Sinking 55mm 5.3g 2 x #8 Single Hooks $13.00
      GSA Sinking 55mm 5.3g 2 x #8 Single Hooks $13.00
      RPK Sinking 55mm 5.3g 2 x #8 Single Hooks $13.00
      BRO Sinking 55mm 5.3g 2 x #8 Single Hooks $13.00
      RPE Sinking 55mm 5.3g 2 x #8 Single Hooks $13.00
      GOL Sinking 55mm 5.3g 2 x #8 Single Hooks $13.00
      YIK Sinking 55mm 5.3g 2 x #8 Single Hooks $13.00
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