Jackson Trout Tune F 55 Lure

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  • The Jackson Trout Tune F 55 Lure is the floating version of the Trout Tunes. Coming in at 3g total weight, it still carries a fair way through the air so casting isn't really an issue with light tackle. These lures are great for shallower streams and flats fishing, and when the fish are hitting the surface.

    Originally designed for targeting trout and other estuary-based species, the Jackson Trout Tune range is the result of miniaturising their very successful saltwater Athlete lure range. The same body shape and design has four separate models to suit a wide range of conditions and environments, all are 55mm long with varying weights, buoyancies and bibs. The Jackson Trout Tune Lure range has proven extremely successful in Australian estuary conditions when targeting species such as trout, bream, bass, perch, and more.


    • Small profile minnow
    • Proven fish catcher for not only trout but a huge range of Australian estuary species
    • Effortless, tight wobbling action that requires minimal technique
    • 55mm | 3g | Floating | Hooks: #12 trebles

    Other Trout Tune Models

    Jackson Trout Tune 55 Lure

    The Jackson Trout Tune 55 Lure is the 'normal' version of the range, which basically means the all-rounder of the bunch and the best option if you're unsure of which to get. It's still a sinking lure so it can reach the deeper areas if there's minimal water movement, or be worked along the bottom area of shallower waters, but it can also work effectively along the top section of the water column too. At 3.5g you can still cast this little lure quite a distance especially with light tackle. These also work really well in shallow water streams when targeting trout as they sit around 50cm below the surface working across and down the streams.

    Jackson Trout Tune HW 55 Lure

    The Jackson Trout Tune HW 55 Lure is the heavy weight version of the stand Trout Tune 55 Lure, coming in at 6g, which is quite a feat for a 55mm lure considering it keeps its tight wobbling action. The heavier weighted lure allows for two main things: one is having a better casting distance which can mean the difference between catching wary fish or hard to reach fish and not, and two being it reaches the depths much easier especially if there's a bit of current/water flow.

    Jackson Trout Tune LL 55 Lure

    The Jackson Trout Tune 55LL Area Lure is a unique heavy weight version of the standard Trout Tune 55 lure, but with a lipless/bibless design. Being the same weight as the heavy weight version at 6g, the 55LL sinks quickly and is best worked off or along the bottom with a sharp twitching action that gives an unpredictable and erratic darting action in the lure. These lures have proven very successful around structure and along rocky outcrops for bream, but also have their place in deeper waters and holes for trout and other species. The 'Area' in the name refers to the two barbless single hooks on the lure., because they were designed for impound trout fishing in Japan they weren't able to have barbs on the hooks, however these can be easily replaced and upgraded with small trebles.

    Model buoyancy Length Weight lure type hook size Price
    AY Floating 55mm 3g Hard Body Lure #12 $15.00
    KY Floating 55mm 3g Hard Body Lure #12 $15.00
    WPY Floating 55mm 3g Hard Body Lure #12 $15.00
    IMM Floating 55mm 3g Hard Body Lure #12 $15.00
    RY2 Floating 55mm 3g Hard Body Lure #12 $15.00
    PYW N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A $14.00
    LYMK N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A $15.00
    SKY N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A $15.00
    RY3 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A $15.00
    AKY N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A $15.00
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