Bluewater Expert Spearfishing Package

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  • Expertly designed for Experienced Bluewater Spearfishers, our Bluewater Expert Spearfishing Package has everything a spearo needs to target those Bluewater trophy species such as Dogtooth Tuna, Wahoo, Yellowfin + Bluefin Tuna, Big Kingfish and even Marlin! This all-inclusive set features a high-quality speargun, wetsuit, float with flag and line, gloves, mask, snorkel, and fin, pockets, DiveR Fins, dive knife, and weight belt. Don't miss out on this brilliant value and expertly selected package.

    Package Includes:

    • Rob Allen Mahi Carbon Rollergun
    • Ocean Hunter Chameleon Extreme High Stretch 3mm Wetsuits
    • DiveR Carbon V2 Striped Marlin Fins
    • Ocean Hunter Ambush Foot Pocket Black
    • Rob Allen Stretch Gloves
    • Ocean Hunter 3 Atmosphere Float
    • Ocean Hunter Apex DS3 Float Line 30m
    • Salvimar Goemon Knife
    • Ocean Hunter High Stretch Rubber Marseillaise Weight Belt
    • Salvimar Neo Mask Black
    • Salvimar Bite Snorkel Black

    Rob Allen Mahi Carbon Rollergun

    The Rob Allen Mahi Carbon Roller is a precision-engineered speargun designed for the avid hunter. Crafted with the utmost attention to detail, this powerful and sleek speargun combines cutting-edge technology with robust materials so to deliver an exceptional spearfishing experience. The Mahi features a light weight and durable carbon barrel, thus providing buoyancy, strength, and improved accuracy under water. It comes with a roller muzzle, which results in minimised friction on the shooting line, as well as smoother and more accurate shots. This speargun is set up with four ceramic bearings in order to ensure a smooth and efficient roller system for enhanced reliability. Powered by 14mm rubbers, the Mahi delivers potent thrust and speed. It is therefore an ideal choice for a range of spearfishing conditions. The ergonomic Vecta 2 handle ensures a comfortable grip, promoting precise aiming and control while minimising fatigue during longer dives. The Rob Allen Mahi Carbon Roller provides you with all the tools you need to hunt with the utmost precision.


    • High Strength Extruded Carbon Barrel
    • Ceramic Ball Bearing Roller Muzzle
    • 7.5mm Notched Spring Steel Shaft
    • Easy-Load Handle Assist Bridal
    • 16mm Reactive Long Lasting Rubbers
    • Load Assist (Sizes 1m & Above)
    • 1.9mm Ant Line 190kg (420lb) Double Wrapped Dyneema
    • Air Brushed Barrel Design
    • Latest Model Vecta 2 Handle + Mech
    • Stainless Steel Line Release
    • Integrated Reel Adaptor

    Ocean Hunter Chameleon Extreme High Stretch 3mm Wetsuit

    The Ocean Hunter Chameleon Extreme HS 3mm wetsuit is a two piece, high-stretch wetsuit that features a revamped aesthetic look that's ready for the hunt. The Chameleon Extreme 3mm wetsuit is an ideal wetsuit for both temperate water freediving and spearfishing. The suit is very easy to put on and does not require the use of any lubricants. The Chameleon Extreme has a comfortable jersey lining with glued and blind stitching to help keep water locked in and ensuring maximum heat retention, warmth and flexibility. This suit makes for an ideal choice at any spearfishing experience level.

    The Chameleon Extreme HS 3mm design is just want you want for spearing and freediving and will provide you with a hard wearing and comfortable two piece suit that is made from tough and long lasting Duraprene. The suit has a thickness of 3mm which is ideal for use in temperate waters and it has been designed to handle any abuse that you can throw at it. The Ocean Hunter Chameleon Extreme 3mm wetsuit features an anatomical 3D panel design with a comfortably cut long john and hooded jacket with beaver tail two piece styled design.

    The Ocean Hunter Chameleon Extreme HS 3mm wetsuit has a new, tough as nails, hexagonal Ocean Hunter chest loading pad to provide you with maximum protection when loading your speargun and it will provide you with padded comfort to make the loading process easier. Also included is an ultra tough, high wearing Supratex knee and elbow pads for extra protection when chasing crays around rocks.

    The external layer of the suit has been printed with the highly regarded Ocean Hunter Dual Camo design. This unique camo pattern has been designed exclusively for Australian waters and will allow you to blend into multiple spearing locations from rocky inline shore reefs, right through to tropical blue water and ocean coral reef environments.

    The 3mm Chameleon Extreme HS wetsuit features glued and blind stitched seams to ensure perfect water seam integrity and of course, maximum warmth. Make no mistake, this truly is a high performance suit that will provide excellent durability, comfort and fit at an exceptional price point. We have also found that many spearos who use this suit often comment that the suit is not only one of the most comfortable suits around, it actually out performs some other competitors high end and much more expensive suits.


    • 3mm Thickness
    • 2 piece With Long John and Hooded Jacket With Beaver Tail
    • Attached Hood For Extra Warmth
    • Camo Print
    • High Wear Supratex Knee and Elbow Pads
    • Tough as Nails Hexagonal Chest Pad
    • Fitting: Easy On and Off
    • Designed Specifically for Australian Waters

    The Ocean Hunter Chameleon Extreme HS 3mm two piece wetsuit has been designed specifically for Australian waters.

    DiveR Carbon V2 Striped Marlin Fins (Med)

    Carbon fibre

    These blades are extremely lightweight but the most powerful of the three DiveR designs we stock. For you, that means less effort, less pressure on your feet and ankles to lift compared to a heavier weighted blade, but you get to your destination with a shocking amount of speed! This means your dive is longer, more enjoyable and has less chances of fatigue and pesky cramps! A great combination of power and efficiency for those deeper dives and high current areas. Features:

    • High Propulsion
    • Lightweight
    • Efficient
    • Low Effort

    Why DiveR Fins?

    Firstly, the materials DiveR use are platinum grade and supplied to them through an exclusive partnership with Textreme. Textreme is responsible for producing some of the most advanced lightweight and durable materials on the planet, fitting out F1 race cars and specialty high-performance aircraft. A pair of DiveR blades should last between 5-7 years on average if properly maintained.

    Secondly, DiveR offer a 3-year warranty on all blades. If your blades become stressed or falter in any way during this period, you are eligible to send the product back and receive a new pair.

    Finally, the unique designs and art they print on their blades offer a very unique look, with bright and flashy designs through to simple one or two-tone looks.

    Ocean Hunter Ambush Foot Pocket Pair Black

    Utilising the same ultra-comfortable TPR foot pocket and design flow for optimal transfer of power from leg to blade, the Ocean Hunter Ambush foot pocket is built to keep you moving smoothly and effortlessly dive after dive.

    Sold as a pair including blade fixing kits and rail retaining clamps, the Ocean Hunter Ambush foot pocket works seamlessly with most popular brands of blades in the marketplace, and all of the blades we stock online and in-store.


    • Fixing set included
    • Fits most fin blades on the market (fits every fin blade we stock)
    • Durable TPR construction

    Rob Allen Stretch Gloves

    These Rob Allen 2.5mm Stretch Gloves are a specially designed pair of dive gloves that are made with the highest quality neoprene with PU dot that are reinforced for durability.


    • Super stretch 2.5mm neoprene glove
    • PU dot reinforcing for durability
    • Keep your fingers warm and protected
    • Great Dexterity for spearfishing

    Ocean Hunter 3 Atmosphere

    The Ocean Hunter 3 Atmosphere Float is the ultimate float for the serious spearo's that are hunting that dream catch. This particular float is our most durable and heavy duty float that is ideal for large pelagic fish that put up the biggest of fights. It is made from 1200 denier Cordura with an internal bladder with 34L of lift capacity at the surface and no reduction until 30m under.

    The outer Cordura is a triple sheath construction that provides maximum durability which is what you need when hunter large fish species. The bullet shaped design is extremely streamlined in the water, especially when being pulled around with force allowing you to land more fish when it's down to the wire. 

    On one end of the float is a reinforced stainless steel D-Ring to attach the float line to and on the other end is a reinforced handle to grab the float with ease as well as handles one side in the middle. Being a hi-vis fluro yellow allows it to be seen in all condition and in low light and the reflective tape stripe helps also.

    It filling pressure is 44psi and can be inflated via the oral inflator hose or by the high pressure pump adaptor. Feature Include:

    • True 3 Atmosphere Float
    • 34L Lift Capacity
    • No lift Reduction until after 30m
    • Streamline low resistance design
    • Heavy Duty Condura 
    • 3 Tier Material Structure
    • Hi-Vis Yellow Colourway
    • Reflective Signaling Tape Collar
    • 44psi Filling Pressure
    • High Pressure Pump Adaptor
    • Multiple HD Grab Handles
    • Reinforced Stainless Steel D-Ring
    • Replaceable Inflatable Bladder
    • Suitable for Spearfishing or Diving

    Ocean Hunter Apex DS3 Float Line Line 30m

    Ocean Hunter Apex DS3 float lines are the heavy-duty float line for stopping the biggest fish and the worst behaved! Ocean Hunter's 3 Atmosphere float has been a game changer in the Bluewater Spearfishing industry. It’s taken some of the biggest fish in the ocean and has proven to be hard to beat. But the best float deserves the best floatline and the Apex DS3 is just that. Available in 15m, 20m, and 30m lengths this floatline is ready for anything you can throw at it.

    DS3 construction:

    • D: Dynamic stretch line. Integrated 10% stretch factor to reduce shocks loading and lost fish
    • S: Floating spectra middle sheath increases strength and fighting power
    • 3: 3 layer lamination made up of;

    Layer 1: High Density neoprene inner core. Guaranteed floatation regardless of damage. Layer 2: soft woven UHDWPE inner fighting sheath, which makes this line strong enough to tackle any fish in the ocean. Layer 3: Polyurethane-coated woven spectra outer sheath for protection against abrasion and UV rays, plus a hi-vis yellow and red finish.

    The float line is finished with spliced looped ends, a D-shackle, and an HD 5” shark clip and swivel. The looped ends allow the diver to use their preferred connection method to their rig: reef rig, bluewater rig, breakaway etc.


    • 400+kg Breaking Strain
    • DS3 construction
    • HD neoprene core
    • No sinking float lines
    • UHDWPE fighting sheath
    • Hi-Vis braided high abrasion resistant outer sheath
    • Oversize 5” HD shark clip and swivel
    • Looped ends
    • UV stable outer sheath
    • Built to handle the biggest, hardest fighting fish in the ocean

    Salvimar Goemon Knife

    The Salvimar Goemon Knife is a high-quality, Italian-made, heavy-duty 'do it all' dive knife. They offer everything that an experienced spearo would need. Quality that lasts, easy maintenance and the right fixtures and components to cover any situation you may encounter. Its robust but compact in size and highly resistant to impact and corrosion.

    Features & Specs:

    • Reinforced pointed blade
    • Blade made of special anti-corrosion steel
    • Oversized slot for gripping and removing spears
    • Hole for straightening spears on the go 
    • Sheath with "V" seat to facilitate the insertion of the blade
    • Blade length: 9.5cm
    • Total length: 19.5cm
    • Serrated length: 7.5cm

    Ocean Hunter High Stretch Rubber Marseillaise Weight Belt

    The all new Ocean Hunter High Stretch Marseillaise Rubber belt features quality rubber that offers superior stretch whilst still holding supreme durability for improved diver comfort and this also allows for compensation with wetsuit compression at depth.  The belt comes standard with the popular Marseille type quick release buckle with an offset pin to ensure a safe release in the event of an emergency.


    • High stretch quality rubber improves diver comfort and ensures the belt depth compensates to remain firm on the diver throughout the dive
    • Stainless steel Marseille quick release buckle with offset pin to ensure a safe release if required

    Salvimar Neo Mask Black

    The Salvimar Neo Mask is a high comfort frameless single lens mask with a low internal volume. Whilst out in the blue this helps with peripheral vision and seeing fish that are coming up beside you, but more importantly allows you to have better depth perception. Especially because whilst bluewater diving there are no distance reference points to help you judge how far away something is. The mask also features an easy squeeze nose pocket which makes it easy to equalise, making it ideal for freediving and spearfishing. It also has an unmatched seal to the face as it features a soft-touch, anti-reflective silicone skirt with a double-feathered edge and split strap. It also has quick-adjust push-button buckles which mean you will be able to adjust the straps quickly and with ease even whilst wearing the mask.


    • Single lens low volume mask
    • Scratch-resistant tempered glass lens
    • Nose pocket for easy equalisation
    • Soft-touch silicone skirting
    • Quick-adjust strap button

    Salvimar Bite Snorkel

    The Salvimar Bite Air snorkel is a professionally designed snorkel suited for freedivers and spearos with a larger lung capacity that are looking to or regularly practice longer breath holds.

    It features a wide bore tube for maximum intake when breathing up ready for a dive and very comfortable soft silicone mouthpiece to minimise and eliminate jaw fatigue over longer dives.

    The tube itself has the ideal rigidity for both swimming around and for hunting in caves and structures when flexibility is needed to not get caught up.

    The white colour option also offers great visibility for your dive buddies and boaty to easily find you at distance when it would normally be quite difficult with a black snorkel.


    • Large bore for longer breath holds
    • Soft comfortable silicone mouthpiece to reduce jaw fatigue
    • Ideal tube rigidity for snorkeling and cave diving
    • White option for superior visibility of diver even at distance

    *If you require different sizes, colours, or blade stiffness than is available in this set, just add it to your order notes and we can adjust as suits*

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