Top 4 Best Flathead Lures

Jackson Artist FR Lures
from $15.00
Crossfire Lures
from $17.00

The single best flathead lure (if you had to choose one) is the Artist FR70 in colour IKA, followed closely by colour WDS. The other listed lure options are also incredibly effective and popular Flathead lures, with options for topwater, shallows fishing, and deeper water fishing too.

Jackson Artist FR - A sinking minnow that can be used in the shallows or in deeper waters just as effectively. The FR70 and the FR80 are the best sizes for flathead by far. A simple slow wind along the bottom or a twitching action near the bottom work just as well as each other, VERY easy to use.

Jackson Bottom Magic Saltwater - A unique sinking minnow that is most effective when hopped and skipped along the bottom to mimic a small bottom-feeding fish. It's the best all-rounder estuary lure but has landed many trophy flathead, the 55mm and 65mm are the best sizes here.

Daiwa Double Clutch - a popular floating yet diving minnow that is responsible for many flathead catches across the country. Ideally used in shallow-ish waters because they float, a slow wind or a twitching wind work well.

Crossfire Lures - A unique bent surface minnow that works wonders in the shallows. Twitch and rip these along the surface with pauses in between.