Best Flathead Soft Plastics

Squidgies Fish Soft Plastics
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4 of the best soft plastics on the market for targeting flathead. Each can be fished in the shallows or the deeper water simply by changing the jig head weight to suit.

The Jackson Bone Baits in 3.5"come highly recommended for an allrounder soft plastic that can be twitched, hopped, or slow rolled (slow winded) for great results.

The Squidgies Fish Soft Plastics are an all-time favourite of many. A simple slow wind does the trick but they can be flicked off the bottom too. 80mm and 100mm are the better allrounder sizes in these.

The Jackson Puri Ebi 3.25" Plastics are a fantastic prawn imitation. Hop these along the bottom and towards the surface like a fleeing prawn for best results, their legs will flutter on the drop too.

Another old-time favourite (and no longer manufactured) are the Juro Firebait Minnows. Flick and twitch these off the bottom for plenty of fun!