THE Most Unique Vibe!

  • 1 min read

This has to be THE most unique and versatile vibe design we’ve seen, and it comes from the very clever Japanese lure makers Jackson. We love this brand because of their constant innovation, value for money and quality. Due to the popularity and success of their Daniel Vibe they’ve now released 6 sizes to the market.

The lure has a long and slender profile to match that of our common baitfish, and the weight is heavily skewed towards the back of the lure so it casts like a bullet!

The tow point is located underneath the lure, which forces it to swim at an upward angle just like a baitfish trying to get to the surface. It’s a simple but effective change that has already achieved great results.

It has a vibe a little more subtle than most, which allows it to be worked both fast and slow depending on the conditions and fish around.

The Bream pictured above was caught on a recent rock session by lifting the lure from the bottom 3-4m (a little quicker than a normal vibe) and then winding the slack on the drop.

The 6 different sizes allow the lure to be used in anything from Dams, Lakes and Rivers to Beaches, Rocks and Offshore, grab yours today and tell us how you go!

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