Game Combo Specials!

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Game Combo Specials!

Here are three MASSIVE game specials to kick off the season. They’re top-quality combos and somewhat of a go-to for a lot of people.

The reels speak for themselves; the Tiagra has always been a trusty game reel, suiting many different game applications. The Talica 2 speed is better again with a lot more drag (25kg in the 50 vs 20kg) a slimmer and lighter profile, and they also allow the spools to be filled with space for thick wind-on leaders.

The Tiagra Ultra 3050 Rods are a premium game rod fit for a lot of game fishing types. They’re dual butt so come with a detachable bent and straight butt. One of the better features are the Alps roller guides, which are specially designed so that line can’t jam in the roller even with thin braids (a handy feature now that braid is becoming more popular in game fishing).