Fishing Report

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Fishing Report

Snapper and Flathead are being caught off the boat around the northern Wollongong suburbs.

The Athlete 9JM lure has been firing for Mitch lately, landing a range of species including Salmon, Tailor, Slimies and Squid funnily enough with a big one pictured above.

Insane amounts of Kingfish have been spotted around the Bellambi reefs.

Ryan Empson speared a very solid 14kg King that’s about two heads short of his height off Otford the other day using his Rob Allen Sniper Rail Gun.

Bonito are turning up around the Wollongong and Port Kembla areas off the rocks.

We’re seeing more and more Striped Marlin being caught now, down south are where most of the reports are coming from.

Dolphinfish are around in numbers now, the FADs are the places to be!

Big schools of Kingfish are circling around in Botany Bay at the moment, Slug-go’s in the mackerel colour are the go-to plastic for them at the moment.

Rick Morehead is pictured with a nice big Kingfish he speared recently.

Joel Oliver has been fishing a bit down south with a few mates landing their fair share of Striped Marlin and Dolphinfish.