The Best Lure For Kids!

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The Best Lure For Kids (And Beginner Fisho's)

There’s nothing better than seeing your kid’s face light up when they’re hooked up to a fish big or small, it’s exciting for everyone! The lure with the best chance of lighting up that little face is hands down the Bottom Magic Lure.

Why Is It So Good?

It’s easy to use –This lure is the easiest to use out of any lure we’ve ever come across because so many different techniques and actions have caught fish again and again! That’s why whether you’re fishing from the edge of a lake, out of a boat or off the beach, it’s a great option for kids!

It catches anything and everything – This lure will catch anything and everything from freshwater fish to saltwater fish, big and small, from the shallows and the deep. We’ve caught around 30 species so far, and we’re just getting started!

It’s safer than most other lures – There is a SAFER version of the lure for kids that comes rigged with BARBLESS HOOKS, which are much easier to extract from fish (and people).

They last a very long time – As long as you don’t lose the lure to a fish or a snag, you’ll be able to keep the lure and use it many times over rather than having to buy bait, hooks, sinkers etc every time you go fishing.

How to use the lure

This is one of the most effective methods that also requires the least effort: simply cast the lure out and let it sink to the bottom, then slowly lift 10cm off the bottom (do this by lifting your rod up about the same amount) and wind in your slack line as it sinks back down to the bottom again, and keep repeating this.

Whether you lift it more or less than that, or change the speed, it won’t stop you from catching fish, that’s the beauty of this lure!

Tips to avoid disappointment

Make sure you’re fishing in an area with little to no snags (things your lure can catch on), ideal areas include sand flats and other sandy areas.

Make sure your drag is set light enough so that big fish don’t break your line when they hook up as they can sometimes hit pretty hard.

When a kid catches a fish more often than not they’ll be hooked on fishing from that day on, which just gives them another great reason to be outside enjoying the great outdoors with you and the family.

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