The Worm Lure

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The Nyoro Nyoro Lure from Jackson Lures Japan is a fantastic example of just how unique yet effective lures can be.

These clever worm look-a-likes have proven themselves many times over in a range of conditions and on a range of species. Between the two sizes (85mm and 125mm) we’ve caught Flathead, Whiting, Bream and Trevally so far off the beach, in estuaries and out of the boat in light offshore conditions.

Because of its shape, the Nyoro Nyoro flies like an arrow on the cast which gives these relatively small and light lures an incredible cast (hence the use off the beach).

How To Rig

The 125mm lures come with trebles and the 85mm come rigged with singles. Both are fine and we’ve caught fish with these hooks plenty of times, but lately we’ve been rigging them with assist hooks instead (we’ve been doing this with all our lures lately with great success). We’ve noticed better hookup rates and lower drop rates, we think the extra flash and movement of the assists gains attention and the inability to shake the hooks helps them stay hooked!

How To Use

Below is a video showing the wormy-action we’re trying to imitate underwater, it’s been super successful to us ever since! Basically you just want to slowly lift your rod tip about 0.5m-1m whilst shaking your hand to give the lure the twitching worm-like action, then wind in the slack line while the lure sinks back down, and repeat the process!

When casting you want to make sure it flies like an arrow, which happens more often when you give it a firm but controlled cast rather than try your hardest to cast as far as you can.

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